We regret that DIRECTV chose to disrupt our viewers’ access to our signal and continue to work to reach an agreement.



Since 1953, KAUZ TV-6 has served the North Texas and Southern Oklahoma (Texoma) viewing area with outstanding news, entertainment and sports programming. KAUZ Newschannel 6 strives to be Texoma’s Breaking News Leader on air, online, on social media and mobile. 24 hours a day, we provide critical breaking news, community events, and severe weather warnings to keep you and your family informed and safe.



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Your local broadcast stations deliver over 90 percent of the most viewed programming on the channel lineup. Our station’s network programming keeps you entertained and brings you the biggest live events of the year.


We are a proud part of this community, a platform for local companies to advertise on and grow their local businesses, helping to create more local jobs and a stronger local economy. Just like any businesses, we need to work with partners to reach our ultimate customer: you.

For our station to deliver content and services to you, we have to operate our business within a dynamic and competitive marketplace. For us, your local broadcaster, that means reaching deals with national cable and satellite companies that many of you have contracts with to deliver our signal and many other services to your home. Our national cable and satellite partners get a lot of value from carrying our local broadcast station. It allows them to provide a highly watched channel to their customers.

In return, we ask our cable and satellite partners to pay us a fair market rate for the right to carry our signal. The price we ask is determined by the marketplace – business to business negotiations that take place between our local company, network and syndicated programmers, and hundreds of cable and satellite companies.

In the vast majority of cases these negotiations get settled in a business-like fashion and you are never bothered with the details of those agreements. Unfortunately, a small number of national cable and satellite companies recently decided that for some reason they don’t have to participate in the marketplace like everyone else. This very small handful of operators together account for over 90 percent of the disruptions that have occurred across the country over the past few years.


Our commitment to you is that we will always do our best to reach fair, market-based deals without making it a problem for you. We don’t ever want our viewers to experience a disruption or even the threat of a disruption. In these very rare occasions where our cable or satellite distributors force a dispute, we will always do our part to keep you informed; making sure you know all of your choices.

We don’t want you to be dragged into our business negotiations or be asked to take sides. When a national cable or satellite company refuses to engage in fair, market based negotiations, we have no choice but to stand our ground. The revenue we generate is invested in the cost to create value for you: our local news, weather and sports coverage, our network programming, our local community service and, of course, creating good local jobs.

Standing together for a thriving local broadcast industry able to operate in a fair marketplace, everyone wins –  most importantly you, the viewers we serve.

American Spirit Media stations are part of their local communities – investing tens of millions of dollars every year to bring you the best local news, weather and sports, your favorite network programs and vital community service. Local TV stations are local businesses. Our local viewers are our local customers.

Your local station is your local connection to the world, bringing you the news so that you can make decisions for your family. When severe weather threatens your neighborhood, your local team is out there in it, alerting you, following the storm, keeping you and your community safe. We live here, work and play, right here with you and your family. We are your local station.


You can help restore your programming by sending a message to DIRECTV – and if they won’t listen, consider switching to a provider that cares for our community.
Go to www.cablemover.com or www.allconnect.com or www.cabledealfinder.com  to find local providers in your area. And remember, you can always receive our station free over-the-air.